Entry #1


2013-01-01 12:00:10 by BattleGrounds

This is the official page for the BattleGrounds Hip Hop Competition on NewGrounds. We are in the early planning stages right now, but much more information will be released soon!

The competition will be held annually for emcees, producers, and artists, and this year's comp will begin in April. I have a lot of work to do in order to make this competition as amazing as possible, and I will be updating this page as more info becomes available.

For now though, I am compiling a pool of beats to use, and I'm looking for good artists to create a logo for the competition. Feel free to submit your beats (4 verses, 16 bars each) and your artwork; it is greatly appreciated!

*Beatmakers- please include "Battlegrounds 2013" in either the title or the track description, and send me the link in a PM. I will add your submission(s) to my list of battle beats, and you will be automatically entered into the producer competition.

I will be releasing the list of prizes and individual contests in the near future, so keep checking in!


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2013-01-03 07:14:47

Ready to take part in it. My beats are ready too!! )))
Good luck dude!

BattleGrounds responds:

Thanks Rama!